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I'm Dani, 20 years old and a huge Fan of Borussia Dortmund ;)
I will not ever call anyone Judas or whatever because Im disappointed; I will not fight with anyone no matter what team he/she supports; I will not behave like some of the way too young Tumblr-users.
Fanfreundschaft all the way!! ♥
Feel free to message me or send me some questions :D
xx ♥


The joy of being a football supporter

Me: we're fucked, we're totally fucked


Tod von Andreas Biermann erschüttert den deutschen Fußball


Seit zehn Jahren hatte der Berliner Biermann Depressionen. Doch erst nach dem Tod von Enke wurde ihm bewusst, dass er krank war. Biermann ging an die Öffentlichkeit, redete in Talkshows, kämpfte, ließ sich stationär behandeln und wollte die Krankheit Depression enttabuisieren.
Den mutigen Schritt, seine Krankheit öffentlich zu machen, bereute Biermann daher später. “Menschlich war es damals der einzig richtige Schritt - das sehe ich auch heute noch so. Beruflich hingegen bereue ich mein Bekenntnis”, sagte er in einem SID-Interview im September 2011: “Ich habe dadurch meinen Job verloren. Für meine Familie war das dramatisch. Die Verantwortlichen in den Vereinen haben mir zunächst viele Versprechungen gemacht, die sie später dann nicht eingehalten haben.”

Ruhe in Frieden.

#straßburg #strasbourg #sun #hot #summer #sightseeing #soof….hoot!!

#straßburg #strasbourg #sun #hot #summer #sightseeing #soof….hoot!!


I’ve just gotten to know this (which idk why I’ve not before bc it’s the cutest story) but omg this is so sweet.


So the little boy in the gif was born with cerebral palsy and couldn’t move at all and he had to overcome a lot. He adores football and has ever since he could remember and plays as a goalkeeper, and after he was selected to go in the stadium he said he really wanted to go with Manu, bc he was his fave and he loved him.

He realized most goalkeepers were second in line and asked the lady that selected them to the players to be second, praying he’d get to stand next to Manu. Cutest part? He actually learned some German words so he could be able to talk to him. He said it was the happiest day of his life and he tried to stay serious but he couldn’t stop smiling.

He also said Manu was really sweet, very big and also pretty.